Note on Fridge Trailer Hire


Refrigeratedtruckbody provides additional reinforcement inserted in the roof and front panels make possible that this refrigerated meat body bears hanging cargo or installs the refrigerated units. And the insulated truck body is made of the “sandwich“ structure (ecologic FRP+polyurethane foam+food class FPR), with insulation core of the hard polyurethane foam and outer laminate FRP skins. Floors are manufactured with extruded aluminum surfaces and carefully welded to assure long life and and watertight quality. Offer aluminum / stainless steel refrigerated truck body for meat transport depends on customer demand.Visit this site to learn more:Refrigerated trailer hire.

Light in weight: 30-40% lighter than traditional meat refrigerated truck body. Thermal insulation superiority: FRP panel’s coefficient of thermal conductivity is about 0.20W/M².K, and the hard polyurethane foam is 0.018-0.028W/M².K, hence the overall body’s coefficient of thermal transference can be below 0.3W/M².K. The appearance advantage: adopts fiberglass reinforced plastic panel (FRP skins), highly abrasion resistance, high bending/tensile strength, high temperature compression strength. It also have a high chemical stability, such as anti-acid rain and rainwater, resistance to alkali with low PH #118alue. Thus, the appearance is very smooth and durable, against ultraviolet radiation and easy to clean. Anti-permeability properties: the FRP skins have excellent water impermeability and water proofing, in addition, color or paint Ad & business logo on the outside of the body is optional.

Fireproof performance: the fire retardant of our refrigerated box material meet the international standard B1 Class. Service life span: 30 – 40 years, the life of the refrigerated truck box can be undergoes four-times chassis replacement. Reliability and easy maintainability: Damage can be easily repaired with any standard fiberglass, and the paired area will be just as durable as the rest of the body, which is more competitive than steel and aluminum skin. Environmental protection: no volatile on the FRP skins, the core of the sandwich adopts extruded polyurethane foam free-fluorine. Application of Meat Transport Refrigerated Truck Body-Meat Transport industry: this meat hanger refrigerated truck body mainly used for transporting various fresh, quick-frozen & frozen meat, mainly applied in meat industry, slaughterhouse, meat processing industry, such as cooled meat, cured meat, meat cool chain transportation, meat distribution factory, city road cool chain distribution and so on. Manufacturer, bodies built, insulated vehicle, refrigerated truck manufacturer, etc. Slaughterhouse, Meat Processing Industry, Meat Distribution Factory

Direct Drive Unit specially designed for Chiller application, Direct Drive Unit both for Freezer & Chiller Application. Suitable for small van to medium truck, Standard equipment of the Meat Refrigerated Truck Body, Double rear doors with 304 stainless steel lock accessories, Roof sliding rail with 304 stainless steel double meat hooks for hanging fresh & pre-cooling or frozen meat, Water drain rubber pipes (include cable tie), Rear bumpers and rear door waterproof eaves, Roof internal lightning with switching, 4 set of Width signal lamp, Sub-frame and its connect: The U bolt connectors and Outside U bolt connectors, Food-level seamless hygienic interior structure is suitable for transporting meat products, Guard plate, wrap angle are made of aluminium square profiles with steel, galvanizing plate supports